Artist Statement

Artist's Statement

" Everything is sculpture. Any material, any idea born without hindrance into space, I consider sculpture" 
---- Noguchi

Carving for me is very exciting. It can be very deliberate and thought out or it can be totally free, with no idea in mind as to the direction I might go. The latter is exciting and magical in that it is always a mystery as to what will emerge. The spirit of the piece seems to be within the material as well as within me, although at time it seems as if someone outside myself is doing the carving.

I have used stone exclusively up until recently. I am now venturing into other carving materials as well. Most of my carvings have become models for my bronze pieces, which are also being enlarged into life-size sculptures. I enjoy the resistance the material gives me just as life resists when I push too hard.

The real challenge for me is to make my pieces appear soft and sensuous with very simple, elegant lines, the art of "Shubui".

My pieces are figurative, abstract and representational. In my animal forms, for example, I try to capture the essence of the animal's spirit. My sculptures represent the joys, the tragedies and the spiritual in life.

I am exploring a material new to me… paper. I first started using paper as texture on my carved pieces and casting it into bronze. I have now started to create, one-of-a-kind, mixed media pieces using handmade paper and other natural materials. 

Nature is one of my primary inspirations. It opens me and in that opening I can create. Animals are another source of inspiration for they are our salvation and without them we will become lost and empty. The tragedies and joys in life touch me as well and push me to create. I hope to speak quietly and powerfully to the heart through my sculpture.